Friday, July 13, 2007

on the Internet no one knows you're a digitally illiterate CEO

I like Mackey's haircut. I think he looks cute!

Whole Foods CEO John Mackey posting pseudonymously as "Rahobed" on a Yahoo! stock market forum, commenting on his own haircut, as reported in this morning's Wall St Journal.

Mackey posted over several years as Rahobed, lauding his company's performance and knocking his competitor, Wild Oats.

In the WSJ piece Mackey also stated:
I posted on Yahoo! under a pseudonym because I had fun doing it. Many people post on bulletin boards using pseudonyms. I never intended any of those postings to be identified with me.

Then, Mr. Mackey, you need to develop a finer understanding of what it means to post -- anything -- online.

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