Sunday, July 29, 2007

chipompompom...atatataaa.ole..asa! [1]

Had the great good fortune of hanging out with Anali of Anali's First Amendment this afternoon, who was in Chicago for the Blogher conference.

We wandered from lunch at Fox & Obel over to Millennium Park, where we were treated to a free open air rehearsal at the Gehry Bandshell by some kind of wonderful Flamenco group -- dancer included. Neither one of us could place them -- although the gentleman's voice was hauntingly familiar -- and I found myself wishing, sitting there with someone I had only just met for the first time in person but felt like I'd known forever, that someone else I feel I've known forever (but have never met) -- the flamenco dancer, chi pom pom pom blogger Lolabola -- were there, because she'd know right away who was performing.

Strange world, this blogiverse: where you can meet a person for the first time in the flesh and skip past all the early getting-to-know-you questions. I've had the same experience meeting up with Flickr pals who have passed through or live here in town. This blogging thing is a little like pen pals for grownups.

Now that I'm home with Google at hand I can report that it was Gerardo Núñez on guitar with bailaora Carmen Cortez (who only gave up the tiniest nibble) on the stage, along with a whole retinue of performers -- all of whom were amazing. It was a little bit magical, stumbling across them that way, all of them slobbed out in jeans and t-shirts (in a good way), just making music. Random YouTube video of Mr. Núñez follows. Wish you coulda been there, Lola. So great to meet see you, Anali.

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Anali said...

Hey Suttonhoo! ; ) Thanks again for the great time today! So great to see you too! I couldn't help but check some blogs after unpacking. I'm so sleepy though. Time for bed.

anniemcq said...

I'm so glad you two got together! What a treat.

Lolabola* said...

how on earth did I miss this post?

suttonhoo said...

wow -- that one's from the archives. :-)

I need to get back to blogging -- and stop by yours, too. are you still going at it?

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