Wednesday, July 25, 2007

mashing up the master

So last night I’m watching the documentary Brahkage, and hearing what the experimental filmmaker had to say about viewership – about shooting in 8mm and not 16 because it allows for better access to the work – allows folks to view it at home, live with it like they would a work of art, a painting on their wall.

And I’m wondering: What would Brahkage have thought of YouTube, and the access that it provides, if he’d lived long enough to see it?

A quick query provided the answer: He’d have to suffer through mashups of his work with random audio tracks like this one.

Not sure the master of visual rhythm – who called soundtracks “deadends” and left his films audio-free intentionally -- would be too keen on that.

But I’d love to hear him sound off about it. Just one more time.

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