Thursday, July 12, 2007

do that to me one more time

This was how close Prince was: you could see the glitter on his sideburns.

From Star Turns, Close Enough to Touch in this morning's New York Times.

Prince is playing five small shows in the U.S., where $312.10 buys you standing room only, or $3,121 per couple nets you a couple of chairs and dinner. Tickets are being sold mostly "by invitation only".

I picked up a ticket to see Prince in a similar small venue in Vegas last April, while they were still available to the rabble, due to the sound advice and good company of b1-66er.

Prices for standing room only were a little bit less then (although not considerably), and while I'm not usually into paying through the nose for an hour or so worth of entertainment, this coin was worth every bleeding dime.

He was right there. With Maceo playing alongside him. There's a reason they call these guys sexy m*therf***ers.


Lolabola said...

Why is everybody always talking about similar things at the same time? Mind you that one's not really a positive one.

The only time I've seen Prince was in a stadium about 10 years ago. He was a powerhouse of energy but I have to admit I was bored to death. Could have been the venue, or not.

suttonhoo said...

welcome to the meme. ;)

squandrous posted on prince today too »

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