Monday, July 30, 2007

a weird and very unpleasant dream

Goodnight, Mr. Bergman. And thank you.

Here's the London Times obit, in which it is revealed that Sondheim's A Little Night Music was inspired by Smiles of a Summer Night (maybe it wasn't such a secret, but it was news to me).

Video excerpt from Wild Strawberries »

(Just realized that today's theme is sex & death. Didn't plan it that way. Might have something to do with watching Nosferatu before I went to bed last night.)

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Lolabola said...

One of my pieces in my grad show was a huge print of a photo of an old building in black and white. The photo was dissected and then rearranged and screen printed on a huge piece of tracing paper. It was one of those magic pieces that happened after a long process that I wasn't sure was going anywhere. When one of my profs saw it, he told me to go rent "Wild Strawberries" and thus I was initiated into the world of Bergman.

No wait a minute! B and I watched "The Best Intentions" on one of our first dates. To this day the music in it makes me catch my breath (only from the memory of the date though)

Oh no! and I think I watched "Fanny and Alexander" in High School.

That's it, I'm not reading anymore. I liked the first version of this memory, "Wild Strawberries" is fantastic.

I spent the morning on IMDB and somehow that led from Ingmar to Ingrid Bergman, to Isabella Rossellini to Martin Scorsese to Taxi Driver and then The Clash (where it seems everything should lead)

Incidentally the theme of my dreams last night was also sex & death and I've just figured out it's all about last night's Family Guy episode.

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