Monday, July 23, 2007


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It's been my personal Mount Everest.

Jonathan Schaefer, a "self-described awful checkers player", who developed Chinook, a six year long project that works on a network of up to 200 computers and analyzes 64 million positions on the board every second. Reported in today's Baltimore Sun.

Designed with help from some of the world's best checkers players, Chinook will "never lose at checkers; the best any opponent, human or computer, could hope to achieve is a draw."

Gee. Sounds like fun -- playing a game you could never hope to win.

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anniemcq said...

I heard an interview with him on NPR two days ago, and the inventor said basically the same thing - he won't play because life's too short to know you're never, ever going to win!

Mikkel said...

Playing a game you can't win. Isn't life a bit like that?

Mikkel said...

Man I'm deep.

suttonhoo said...

deep, baby. and true.

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