Saturday, July 28, 2007

skeletal remains

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Maybe for us they're great eyesores, because Americans can't deal with things that are unresolved. But Asian cultures understand the world isn't perfect...everything isn't always finished.

Paul Katz, a principal at Kohn Pedersen Fox Architects in New York, commenting on the proliferation of high-rise buildings abandoned during development that dot Bangkok, in High-Rise Relics: Ghost Structures Haunt Bangkok in yesterday's Wall Street Journal. (Crossing my fingers that you can get at it through this link without a subscription.)

Wanted to post a video of WSJ correspondent Patrick Barta looking damp in the heat and eating mangos from his tuk tuk as he tours the structures -- but the WSJ, which SHARES THE CODE to embed video, serves up a message when you try to actually embed it that reads "the video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from this website."

Looks like the white boys in their suits haven't quite learned the true meaning of sharing.

Near the end of the video there's a fleeting shot of the graffiti that you know these buildings must be overrun with. Was hoping to find more evidence on Flickr -- there's some, but not enough to make a meal.

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Lolabola said...

Good grief! Now I need an entire banquet of food to quench my hunger.

What a great read.

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