Friday, April 07, 2006

a busy week doing nothing

This week I learned from the people I love that in their lives:

a baby was born
a middle aged man died
a woman who deserved the job of her dreams, got it
a couple separated
a malignancy was found
a trust was betrayed
three tired travelers were jetlagged
a future was somewhat uncertain
and one pink slip was received.

And this morning, instead of boarding a flight to Philly as originally planned for U Penn's Maya Weekend, I'll stay home and nurse the last bitter goo of pneumonia in my lungs.

Ironically, the papers presented at the conference will focus on Maya Shamans and Spirit Healers. I could use me some of that. (And, yes, I'm trying not to pout.)


opiliones said...

sorry you had to miss the conference girl. at least you're not going to the hospital. or are you?

enyasi said...

Pout not... the mysteries of the Mayans will wait until you are well and goo free....

Your Penguin Spirit Guide said...

Don't try to stand on the ice. Slide across the ice.

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