Thursday, April 13, 2006

saying it

daddy, please.
Originally uploaded by suttonhoo.
So every once in a while I take a shot that I just LOVE and, being the addicted flickrite that I am, I expect that my pals on Flickr are going to be all over it once I post it.

This was one of those shots that, when I shot it, something inside me said YES -- but it met with absolutely no response when I posted it online.

Insert sad sound of deflating disappointment.

But then last night a fellow came along and got it; faved it; commented on it with a simple "wow".

Very satisfying. And it reminded me just how far a well-placed -- even off-handed -- word of praise will go. Currency that costs us very little to give -- other than to notice and to say it out loud -- that deeply enriches the folks who receive it.

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patrick said...

That happens to me all the time...and often the photos I'm ambivalent about (or nearly discard) get the most love! I'm still trying to pimp my fave shots from the Pavelló Barcelona....hrmph! ;-)

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