Thursday, April 06, 2006

unhappy events

grumpy fossil
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Sometimes fossils look tortured and twisted if the rock they were in shifted at variable rates over time. Sue, the T Rex at the Field, is a good example -- her skull is a bit of a mess because it was either crushed on deposit or dragged a bit.

But most times the fish fossils look serene, because when doesn’t a fish look serene? Well, when it's this fish.

Clickthrough to see this little guy large. He looks absolutely furious to be caught in whatever catastrophic onslaught just made him fodder for fossilization.

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b1-67er said...

This fossil is most likely from the Fossil Butte national monument area in Wyoming.
Posssibly the funnest thing I've done outdoors (that did not involve the opposite sex) was hunting fossil fish in this area. There's three quaries where it's legal, and you can find some truely impressive stuff, especially at the Warfield quary where they don't confiscate the good stuff.
And it's in Wyoming, which is just great. It's what Montana's supposed to be.

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