Sunday, April 02, 2006

letter from liam

letter from liam
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Member's Night at the Field Museum in Chicago reminds me of Parent's Night when I was in Elementary School. Not only is the whole museum open after hours with special activities, but they open the top floor where the departmental offices are, and it has that cool "we'd be in trouble if we were here any other time" feeling. This letter was posted outside one of the anthropology offices. It reads:

Dear Matt,
Thank you for showing us the paleo-indian artifacts! I hope I can see you again sometime. You'r also my favorite archeologyst in the world! Your lucky you get to work in the Feild Museum. I went to a contest in the feild museum called "dino bee". I was one of the top four winners!

Liam P. Edward


patrick said...

How many people come to these events?

suttonhoo said...

they're really well attended -- but not uncomfortably packed. most folks stay downstairs -- but I think the real fun stuff is upstairs where the researchers do their show and tell.

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