Sunday, April 09, 2006

crafty girls

I love crafty girls. I’m not one, but I bask in the goodness of those who knit and perl and stitch things from yarns and felts and stray buttons.

I’ve had a rough year – lost a friend, a pet, a wallet, had a bad round with a respiratory infection that just won’t die. Poured too much of my soul into a soulless job. My crafty girlfriends witnessed all of this, and knew just what was needed.

Two sent scarves. Entirely unique, utterly exquisite, wholly huggable, crafted by their own brilliant hands. Absolutely gorgeous. Another sent a felted stuffed virtual “’twas brillig” to warm the spot of the sweet grey cat that I lost. Cozy, comforting, lovely.

Not a whole lot of crying into our coffee here. Not a lick of pity. Just a notice and a nod and a heartfelt gift of goodness. A “this too will pass; and while we wait, we will craft.”

God bless the crafty girls.


opiliones said...

And God bless the friends and family of crafty girls for loving us for (despite?) our craftiness.

enyasi said...

Right back at you babe! And a special thanks for excepting every gift with such grace and encouragement and never questioning the sanity of this crafty girl when she suggest things such as this...

suttonhoo said...

who would teach us to love the pom-pom animals if not for the crafty girls? my sweet st. francis. yes: god bless you all. ;)

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