Wednesday, April 12, 2006


ER_200Image(07).jpgUnexpected trip to the Emergency Room this morning. Conversation that put me there went something like this:

Uh, yes, hi: I’m on the last day of a course of antibiotics to treat pneumonia and this morning, well, I developed a slight rash and I’m finding it difficult to swallow – I just want to confirm with you that I should probably skip this last dose – I think this might be an allergic reaction…

You need to get to the ER right now.

Oh. Okay. How bad could this get?

There’s no way to know. You need to get to the ER right now. And don’t take your last dose.

Okay. Thank You. (click)

Me stuck in traffic on the Illinois toll way.
Going no where fast.
It all ended just fine: All the swelling and throat closing that you see with folks who react violently to peanuts and bee stings moved in super slow motion, so I was never in any real danger. And after my two hour wait in the ER the good doc told me what I could have told that nurse on the tollway: that I needed a dose of Benedryl and I would be just fine. (And while I waited for the Benedryl to kick in I had a pair of plump and luscious bee-stung lips that the glam gals would kill for.)

Oh right: And there’s that little problem where I can no longer take two entire classes of antibiotics because the next time the reaction will be compounded. So I need to avoid getting sick ever again. No worries. (Let’s just hope this pneumonia’s gone for good, or I’m hosed.)


patrick said...

eep! that's the stuff nightmares are made of (stuck in traffic during an emergency). so glad to hear you're ok!

suttonhoo said...

thanks, patrick -- so far so good. was kind of comical -- after the fact. ;)

litwit said...

Yikes! What a scare -- glad you're okay.

opiliones said...

OK, this is weird. Yesterday at 1:30 EST I was chit chatting with my acupuncturist and the conversation turned to how frightening it is when you suddenly feel like you can't breathe - either due to being suffocated, asthma, alergic reaction, throat closing up, stress, whatever. I have no idea how we got on that topic. What time did all this happen to you?

btw - glad everything turned out ok!

enyasi said...

WOW.. I love the part where you ignore the panicked health professional... I am so glad you are okay.. of course now I need to read you blog daily to check on you...

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