Sunday, April 23, 2006

puppies sell product

I worked for a VP of Marketing once upon a time who would punctuate every third conversation with his firm belief that: “puppies sell product”.

I found it curious at the time, because we didn’t use (or have a good reason to use) puppies in our advertising. But today I’m reading Rob Walker’s column Consumed in the NYT Magazine, and it appears that my old boss would have been very successful selling wine:
According to ACNielsen, the market-research company, 438 viable table-wine brands have been introduced in the past three years, and 18 percent — nearly one in five — feature an animal on the label. ‘Combined with existing critter labels,’ the firm said in summation of its research on this matter, ‘sales of critter-branded wine have reached more than $600 million.’
I supposed they haven’t discovered anything that the folks over at Cute Overload didn’t already know. (Thanks, and eternal damnation, to litwit for turning me on to the C.O.)

For the critter-curious, here's a link to Walker’s column »

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enyasi said...

Okay... I am sure many will cringe when they read this, but I buy wine based on what is on the label. The cuter the label the better the wine in my opinion.. And heaven forbid if there is a puppy or anything with pink and green... (One should note here... that I don't really care for wine, perhaps because my selection methods have kept me from ever really selecting on taste or quality)---
Perhaps as a wine connoisseur, you know of one that is good AND has a cute label. Never underestimate the power of the cuteness factor.

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