Saturday, April 22, 2006

happy earth day

FUH2 isn't a formal group at Flickr -- it's more of a tagged colony. But the contributors are passionate, and they have a point.

In honor of Earth Day, I give you FUH2 »

(mature content [sort of]. consider yourself warned.)

(photo credit: JKonig)


FlyingSquirrel said...

what an honor -- thank you! and happy earth day to you too. :-)


patrick said...

On a similar vein, you may enjoy the similar article on Hummers in this month's Harper's... apparently the drivers feel they're constantly getting flipped off.

suttonhoo said...

lol -- that's too funny -- I'll definitely check it out. thanks for the pointer.

ian russell said...

yes, i can understand that! we don't get many hummers but there's an us and them attitude towards Chelsea Tractors - large off road vehicles used for school runs and never off-road! we have smaller roads, see? :o)

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