Saturday, March 31, 2007


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chi -- when pronounced "chee", Ch'i is an idea prevalent in China; it is: "the natural force of the universe [that] encompasses all things" (quoting equusigns, who is also the originator of these lovely letterforms and this image); I see an acupuncturist frequently and am always amazed at how I feel physically after those sessions, when she's stirred up the Chi and it dances through my bones and veins.

chi -- when pronounced "shy", Chi is a nickname for Chicago, "Chi-town", my adopted hometown

chi -- when pronounced "Ki" (long "i") Chi is the Greek letter "X"; Greece is the first foreign land I fell head over heels in love with for its archaeology and its mythology and its climate and its history and its people; it is the 22nd letter of the alphabet that I set myself to memorize in high school just because I thought it would be cool (such. a. freak.)

chi -- when sounded out as an anagram, CHI stands for "Computer Human Interaction" design, the thing I do for a living

chi -- when rolled into something entirely new, chi pom pom pom is the enigmatic name of lolabola's blog, the beautiful bailaora whom I have never met, but who seems like an old friend because her blog has become a regular fix (maybe, if she spots this, she'll tell us where the name came from :)

No moral to this story. Just spotted equusigns' lovely letterforms this morning and got to thinking about the ways that these three letters touch my life.


narthex said...

wow! i'm honored to be blogged by you dayna!

and yea, the little things you pay attention to like "chi" as in the greek letter does make you a bit of a freak. but in a good way as i do the same, geeks kick ass! ;p

Lolabola said...

Oooh! no one has ever asked me that. chipompompom is my favourite jaleo. (Not my favourite dog breed as most people who find my blog think it might be.) That is shout of encouragement in flamenco. It goes really well with certain moves in the palo called bulerias and it's so great when someone calls that out at the right time when you're in the groove.


wish I could sing it for you so it made sense. It's the rhythm and the singsong children's rhyme quality that I like

suttonhoo said...

very cool -- I'm so glad I asked, lolabola -- I'm on an auditory quest now to hear it in action. :)

and thanks again, narthex, for the beautiful image and the chance to blog it -- the leterforms are simply gorgeous, and I love the way you executed the shot.

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