Tuesday, September 18, 2007

one more for the road

Cafe Carlyle
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People drank then too, so if it wasn't exactly right, you'd have another drink and it looked fine.

Scott Salvator commenting on his recent renovation of the Cafe Carlyle in today's New York Times.

Nice of the boys to spruce things up a bit before litwit and I return for another round of Ms. Stritch sometime in the dead of winter.


litwit said...

Luckily we still drink, too, so the weather won't matter, either. But you'll have to cross your fingers for another inebriated Australian. Can't wait!

suttonhoo said...

here's hoping! (I think if I could find a man who looked at me like that Aussie did -- but wait, here's the important part -- when he's cold sober -- I think if I could find that man I could be happy forever.


litwit said...

Yeah, I'm pretty confident that Aussie would have loved you sober, too. He was gone, baby, gone.

suttonhoo said...

LOL -- and dang it.

I may have missed one chance at happiness.


anniemcq said...

Oooooooh - I want to hear about the Aussie!

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