Sunday, October 28, 2007

dahlia season

dahlia season
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I love dahlias. The way they show up late in the season like little old ladies in their leopardskin pillbox hats, making their way to their theatre seats with their walkers, attended to by younger ones than they -- yesterday it was an impatient squirrel who flitted about the dahlia beds on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park.

The dahlias stood serene among all that activity. As old as the ages, flashing the last of their splendor, knowing it all will unfold just as it has before: the frost will come, their petals will fade and fall, and then: the winter.

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Anali said...

Oh this is so pretty! I was buying myself flowers every week at the farmers market, but the season is almost over and my favorite farmer is gone. I'm missing my weekly flowers and need to find some more soon!

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