Saturday, October 06, 2007


Cast of Characters:
• flat iron
• passing clouds
• sunshine
• my bedroom wall

Shot this video a little while back.

I was crunching on a work deadline over some far ago weekend while camped out on my bed (my home office desk of choice), and I noticed that the sunshine was bouncing off a flat iron that was perched on a small table nearby, making lovely reflective patterns on the wall. Add to that the passage of clouds over the face of the sun, and the effect was mesmerizing.

So I set up the video camera.

The clip stayed in the camera for some time because video import is such a huge hassle on my old Dell -- but not so on my new MacBook Pro (sexy beast. marry me.). Even exports directly to YouTube. *swoon*

Warning: This gets a bit esoteric. Lucky for you Apple and YouTube self-policed me down to a 30 second clip -- that's down from the 5 minute clip that I tried to upload, which was down from the 13 minutes that I recorded. Meter has also been stepped up considerably.

Bring your own audio. Or don't »


anniemcq said...

Sooooo eerie and cool! I love that you filmed it!

Anonymous said...

You know this is straight up Stan Brahkage (sp?) "Text of Light" stuff, right? That's the movie where he spent a year doing time lapsed photography of an ashtray in a friends office.
Stan would say no soundtrack.


suttonhoo said...

thanks, ms. mcq!

b1: yeah -- kiiiinda. kinda like kinkade is to monet -- to paraphrase something you said once. ;)

speaking of brakhage and the b1-boys, when your brother tells that story it's two years »

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