Tuesday, October 09, 2007

marketing cachet


she bumped into JFK
and discussed
the challenges
of being
the offspring
of a famous man

"She" is Aleida Guevara March, daughter of Che Guevara, as noted in today's New York Times' piece: A Communist He Was, but Today, Che Sells. (Woops -- looks like the title is different online.)

Yesterday was the 40th anniversary of Che's murder. The NYTs piece comments on the merchandising that flourishes around Che, mostly using the iconic photo taken by Alberto Korda Diaz in 1960, shortly before Guevara's death.


anniemcq said...

Do you remember our friend Peter from Seattle? He wrote the script for the upcoming Che movie directed by Steven Soderbergh, and for his birthday we got him a pair of Che bike socks.


I, Rodius said...

One of the saddest ironies of our time: the image of the man who died in an epic quest against American capitalism has been appropriated for profit by American corporations.

suttonhoo said...

you got it, rodius.

I'm trying to place Peter, ms. mcq -- at first I was thinking about your buddy Steven -- he had a show here at Steppenwolf not too long ago (although I didn't know he was a Denver boy until I looked him up on Wikipedia just now -- cool) -- either way I wanna hear Soderbergh stories -- there are bound to be some good ones. :) what a great gig -- please pass along my congratulations -- I'll be watching for it.

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