Friday, October 12, 2007

ladies who lunch

Cheating on the event[1] lunch to grab my own down the road at Osaka, a tiny little pocket of a place on Michigan Avenue (a block South of the Art Institute) that makes magic out of an incongruous juxtaposition: Sushi & Fresh Fruit Smoothies.

Today's lunch: sake sushi with avocado and tamago maki, accompanied by a peach/mango smoothie.

The fish with sushi thing has a strange way of spilling across boundaries at Osaka: they have a crab and mango roll -- which I tried once and was sorry I had -- and they offer avocado in their smoothie assortment, which I've been assured pairs beautifully with mango.

Maybe next time.

The background music is the only juxtaposition that *doesn't* work at Osaka -- today it seems the Beatles have collided with one of those music boxes where the ballerina spins when you lift the lid.

But I'll put up with quite a bit for a lunch like this.

Posting by cameraphone from the Loop.

[1] A Forrester Forum on social networking -- more to come on that one.


anniemcq said...

I actually own the Baby Beatles cd that you heard there. JH listened to it every night when he was a baby.

suttonhoo said...

no. not possible. you have a well developed musical vocabulary -- and TASTE.

I won't believe that what I heard today and what you played for your child are the same thing.



Lolabola said...

2 things:

1: avocado and banana with soy milk and a bit of honey is the best smoothie in the world. B totally disagrees but I'm positive I have better taste.

2: I was just discussing with a colleague about how much anime music sounds like that crap elevator music you hear at the Chinese supermarket. Great in a grocery store, really annoying on the piano. I can't tell you how many kids are into this stuff. Teenagers and older too. And not socially (or musically) deprived ones either. It's like the return of the Boston Pops.

suttonhoo said...


you guys are gonna make me open up my mind (and ears) to something new, aren't you?


always with the growing and the changing.


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