Monday, March 24, 2008

for the girls

Nomads in Tibet
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Saw my acupuncturist over the weekend and asked her immediately how her husband’s family was doing. Her husband’s from Tibet, and his family is still there.

"Alive and safe," she said, with some relief. "And hopeful."

The conversation segued into the work they’re doing together, to raise the funds to start a girls' school in the Nanchen region. To help young women who, statistically, can expect to have six to ten children in their lifetime, and are at great risk (over 300 times the norm) to die in childbirth.


The hope is that, with education, shelter, and warm meals in their bellies, the girls can beat the statistics.

The cost to make it happen? $6,000 per year.

So little to change lives in such large ways.

If you feel like reaching out to calm the storms that are coursing through that part of our world, they would gratefully and graciously welcome your contribution, large or small. 100% of all contributions will support the project.

To make a difference please contact:

Nancy Floy, Executive Director
Heartwood Center
1599 Maple Avenue
Evanston, Illinois 60201
847-491-1122 x11

Or just drop a check in the mail (even $5 would be welcomed and honored), and designate it “for the girls of the Heartwood Tibet Girls School".


bobcat rock said...

beautiful & inspirational as always. there's so much pain & suffering in this world, isn't there. thank you for reminding us that sometimes it's easier to (help) make a difference than we tell ourselves.

Derek said...

lovely post db. i'll pop something in the mail straightaway.


suttonhoo said...

thanks you guys -- you're the best. :)

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