Thursday, March 20, 2008

some shit about the future

Speaking of the New York Public Library: Stopped by Joshua Heineman’s web zone (aka flickrite & polaroid master i could sleep through a world war) to check out
some coolness that he’s messing around with involving images from the NYPL’s image repository (careful: exceedingly interesting but may be seizure inducing) -- and stumbled across his buddy Javan Makhmali's (untitled except in the page name) Contents May Have Shifted: Some Shit About the Future online installation, a collaborative project that he executed with Mark Nowak.

If I had to describe it? Then I'd call it a meditative journey through ambient sound and imagery. But that doesn't quite capture it.

Take the time when you have some time. It’s entirely pointless. And wholly worth it. (Click "begin presentation" to get things rolling.)

Some Shit About the Future »

p.s. You can see more of Joshua's NYPL stuff in Heineman’s antique 3D. Flickr Set »

(Update: Earlier today I had the attribution for some shit about the future all wrong -- Joshua straightened me out and all is well now.)

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