Friday, March 28, 2008

dream jam

a twitter thread

@suttonhoo Q. if you could invite any 5 musicians (in all of history) to your dream jam session, who would they be?

@jimthompson Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Rich, John Entwistle, Janis Joplin, and Johann Sebastian Bach

@jrnoded miles davis, roy orbison, jeff beck, tal wilkenfeld, j s bach.

@buddhaplex SRV, Jeff Buckley, Keith Moon, Flea and Wyclef Jean

@h0h0h0 dream jam - david bowie, trent reznor, al jourgenson, richard d james and emerson

@beebo_wallace oh, I want in on that ...

@Lummox hmm. Dave Brubeck, Oscar Peterson duet would be cool..
...but who do you put with those guys. oh - tim reynolds. 3. that is 60% in places where they use the metric system.
...and i would want them to do something with the middle section of "Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity" by Gustav Holst. That sweeping epic part

@dianeburnett [my dream jam, motley crew that it is]- Janis Joplin, Charlie Parker, Freddy Mercury, Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix

And in case you missed it above, beebo blew his out at bee.sides. good stuff.

It’s tougher than it looks, especially when you go across genres. I’d love to have Roy and Stevie Ray in the mix, and I’d die to have Morrison on vocals, but they’re gonna be busy hanging with buddhaplex & beebo & jrnoded. And it looks like Miles is spoken for too. So I’m gonna mix it up with:

Ry Cooder and his buddy Ali Farka Toure, along with Maceo Parker and ask him to bring Prince along if he’s free (these two tore it up in Vegas. Amazing.) If Prince can’t make it I think (don’t laugh) I’d want Willie Nelson to provide vocals. (Or David Byrne. It's all about availability.)

And here’s where it gets weird: I’d ask Hildegard von Bingen to come along. As a nun she might be a little shy at first, but I think she’d really warm to the boys once everyone started playing -- especially Willie. And Prince would totally bring out her inner super freak. And maybe she’d be willing to provide percussion, ‘cause I checked in with Bill Berry and Mick Fleetwood and they're both tied up.

Your turn.

(& and an update: I'd want my daddy there, and TD4 too. which means the room's a little bit more crowded. and that much better.)


Jim said...

Yeah I forgot about percussion. Keith Moon would be a good choice. If you want a more jazz feel Gene Krupa,listen to his drumming on Goodman's version of Sing, Sing, Sing.

Mr. Noded

em said...

not many girls in your line-ups, kids!
id have beth gibbons, pj harvey, paolo conte (cause girls can't play the kazoo), and hope sandoval, or helena noguerra (do french count?).
of course, i can hear that it makes only four (french do not know HOW TO count): its to keep me a place on the stage (promise i wont touch anything)

suttonhoo said...

we're jammin' em -- it *all* counts!

viva la france!

anniemcq said...

hmmmmm. This looks like a good project for a sickie at home with the flu. Post to come.

mrtn said...

I'll economize in the first group by choosing multiinstrumentalists with a wide range of expression but trending towards jazz. Kate Bush is so distinctive that she'll dominate the group's expression, but the rest of the band should give her enough opposition to make something really interesting.

Kate Bush on vocals & piano, either Peter Erskine or Jack DeJohnette on drums (JD also plays a mean piano), Sting - because he can both play backup vocals, guitar, lute and bass (his main instrument in this setting), Chet Baker on trumpet is the main soloist and Johnny Marr on guitar just to mix it up a bit (actually a more versatile player than his rock-image. He can be surprisingly sensitive on ballads, too. Check out "Beyond Love" on The The's Mind Bomb for an acoustic bass/trumpet/Johnny Marr setting).

The other group I came up with is a versatile rock vocalist paired with a funky hip-hop/R&B rhythm section and a rock guitarist.

David Bowie or Elvis Costello lead vocals, guitar
Me'Shell Ndegeocello bass, backing vocals (can be replaced with Charlie Hunter on 8-string in a pinch.
?uestlove on drums.
John Scofield on guitar.
The key out-of-box ingredient is Brad Mehldau. He comes from an entirely different idiom, but is so stupendously talented he can make something interesting out of anything.

mrtn said...

Whoops, I meant a *jazz-funk* guitarist and a jazzy/contemporary piano player.

mrtn said...

Actually, since this is a dream band, *I'm* the bass player in the second one. :)

suttonhoo said...

love. it. (and need to look a few up...)

btw plz send audio clip. kthxbai.

em said...

johnny marr and chet would have been in mine if it had not been forbidden to not-playing-the-kazoo-men, and kate bush: wonderful pick
but sting, pleaaaaase, have him off the stage and i buy a ticket for that gig!

narthex said...

This is so all good!

Love your inclusion of JS Bach. Hmm, imagine if Jaqueline du Pré were there too...

mrtn said...

What's the thing about not being allowed to like Sting anymore? He's a perfectly cromulent artist with a great voice and a solid bass player.

Suttonhoo - who do you want sound clips of? Charlie Hunter is here (the bass is a bit thin in this clip, but he basically plays complete bass & guitar lines on the same instrument).

Anonymous said...

Robert Fripp (fretless Bass)
Mozart (keyboards)
Brian Setzer (Guitar/Vocals)
Flavor Flav (Vocals)
John Bonham (Percussion)


em said...

brian setzer: goodie! goodie!goodie!!

@mrtn: everyone has the right to love sting, and probably especially you, but please dont dont let him spoil that set!

mrtn said...

Oh, all right. Replace him with Eberhard Weber or something.

mrtn said...

Robert Fripp plays fretless bass? I thought that was Tony Levin?

Anonymous said...

I heard fretless bass on a Fripp and Eno album, and on Eno's Another Green World (which Fripp played on), and on King Crimson and incorrectly assumed Fripp was playing it.
While I go back to remedial music history school, send Bootsey Collins in to try to redeem my group.


Anonymous said... and Brian Hefflan (sp?) G's buddy w/ the big ears/now small in grade school. The kid can play.

suttonhoo said...

oh yeah, anon (aka kin-o-mine) -- and we should definitely ask Brian to bring along a few of the fancy guitars he's making these days.

Leslie F. Miller said...

OK, this is a really good thread. And I've thought about it in a million different ways, but I only seem to come up with the slut answer. (This means I want to have sex with Kip Winger and Bob Schneider, so of course they are in my band. And David Bowie (not for the sex, just because). And you know Sandy West was an amazing drummer. And I guess Anne Wilson has to sing. No one rocks harder. And Ani Difranco. Did I go over my limit? Kick out Bowie. Kip's on bass. Ani's on lead. Bob's on rhythm. Damn, I like this band.

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