Thursday, March 27, 2008

yer inner Indy

Members Night at the Field Museum.

Unfortunately, after you've been to a few of these, and spend way too much of your time attending the Field's Anthropology Alliance events (which are smaller, with great free buffets and open bars), they start to suffer by comparison.

For one thing, you have to buy your own food.

So last night was fun. But honestly, they've done better.

Not as many slide shows as the years before, where scientists share their current research in cramped hot dark rooms and field questions. Which I missed. But still lots of folks showing off specimens and talking about how they do what they do.

Also paid a visit to the home offices of the Encyclopedia of Life, the massive scientific undertaking that's working like crazy to document all the species of life on earth. There's been buzz on the project for awhile, but they opened their offices for real only three days ago, on the ground floor of the Field Museum. So that was cool.

And I took some pictures »


bobcat rock said...

How exciting! Lovely blog entry. Inspired a visit to their website, too. (Already gushed too much re this SP on flickr, too. So, apologies for that. But it's too damn cool.)

Lolabola said...

yay pictures! at first I thought that was a Darth Vader something or other.

suttonhoo said...

I'm not quite sure what to make of that comment, Lolabola, seeing how this *is* a self-portrait...


& thanks bobcat! your thom yorke comment over at flickr cracked me up. :)

Lolabola said...

oh it's because I just watched that saul bass thing again....

em said...

@lolabola: please be careful!
when i was a kid in my mid thirties 2 days ago, i used to "watch that saul bass thing" way too much too, and now look what i have become!

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