Saturday, March 01, 2008

two water towers

watertower the first

Shot these awhile back, but geez louise already, I haven’t shot anything in ages and I’m needing a little color. Or what passes for color at the tail end of a Chicago winter.

So: Water Towers, Chicago-style.

The first was architected by William W. Boyington way back, and was the last thing standing on the far edge of the remnants of the Great Chicago Fire. The tower itself now houses an art gallery; across the street its companion building, the Pump Station, houses the Lookingglass Theater and a whole bunch of firemen. With trucks.

My mother, who’s deep into research, tells me we’re related to Boyington, which would be freakin’ cool if it were true. (Jury’s still out.)

watertower the second

The other: Just a random cistern. These are slowly disappearing, so I like to snap ‘em when I can.

Okay. That was fun. Can we have Spring now?


I, Rodius said...

What, it's not Spring everywhere? Thumper and I spent the 80-degree afternoon yesterday playing nine holes of disc golf and swinging in the park. I LOVE Austin!

anniemcq said...

It's getting springy here, D. Time for a visit, I think!

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