Monday, March 24, 2008


Green-up: When the snow melts and new grass sprouts.

From Saturday's NYTimes piece Anger Over Culling of Yellowstone’s Bison.

The Maya too, both ancient and new, speak of this thing called "greening". It describes something like sap flow -- a vitality that moves through all things. The Chinese would probably call it Chi.

It's something very much like Spring.

thou Maker, thou Modeler,
look at us, listen to us,
don’t let us fall, don’t leave us aside,
thou god in the sky, heart of Earth,
give us our sign, our word,
as long as there is day, as long as there is light.
When it come to the sowing, the dawning,
Will it be a greening road, a greening path?

Give us a steady light, a level place,
A good light, a good place,
A good life and beginning.
Give us all of this, thou Hurricane,
Bearer, Begetter,
Grandmother of Day, Grandmother of Light,
When it comes to the sowing, the dawning.

—From the Popul Vuh

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