Saturday, March 29, 2008

one more reason to quit that office job

one more reason to quit that office job
one more reason to quit
that office job
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What the phlebotomist said when she saw my vein. (WhyThankYouVeryMuch.)

Queued up in the gymnasium/lunchroom of Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School this AM to give a pint.

I asked the gal who stuck me whether bags of blood are like glasses of wine: Does the color vary from donor to donor?

Matter of fact it does, she said.

Folks who exercise quite a bit have brighter blood, because it's more oxygenated, as do folks who keep themselves hydrated. Slugs' blood is really dark.

And folks who work under intense fluorescent lighting, she told me, have blood that's "all glowy."

"It's kinda cool," she said.


narthex said...

Heh. Funny.

As far as phlebotomies go, this post gave me a momentary chill. Some years ago, I had to go through a treatment that required a unit of blood out of me a week (from my 118lb frame–yeah that was fun, not). And the nurse the same thing: nice veins. Eek!

narthex said...

BTW, so what color was yours?

Enyasi said...

This is so cool, if just a touch disturbing. I want bright red oxygenated blood... I guess just one more reason to exercise.

So what color was yours ;-)

Derek said...

like we need another reason...(but sill, duly noted).

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