Tuesday, March 25, 2008

my brazilian: let me show you it

The package was a puzzle: Brazilian Post. Museu Oscar Niemeyer. A Flickr friend? But who’s in Br...

And then I remembered. Took a few pictures of the packaging. Tore it wide open.

Already bragged on this a bit back when it happened at detritus, but I figure I’m due a Flickr strut too. (And yeah, of course I’ll double post. I’m only human.)

Best part about receiving the unexpected package was remembering: Right. I used to take a lot of pictures and stuff. I need to get back to doing that.

the spread

So may I present: A Casa Farnsworth (1950), projetada por Mies van der Rohe. (Foto de Dayna Bateman)

Page 47 in O Espetaculo Arquitetural, a series on architecture for children produced by the Museu Oscar Niemeyer in Curitiba, Brazil. In Portuguese.

Green values are a little too high on the Farnsworth image, but the book itself -- the way it’s laid out and bound and presented -- is really lovely.

Now if I only read Portuguese.

my brazilian: let me show you it


Derek said...

congrats on the photo db! your brazilian is brilliant!




anniemcq said...

Yay, You!

I'd have said it in Portuguese, but I wanted you to be able to read it!

narthex said...

How precious but come on, Portuguese isn't that hard!

You reminded me of when I visited Taliesin West years ago. When I walked into the gift store, this lady in a suit grabbed me and rushed me to these beautiful books...then I realized they were in Japanese. I guffawed...

Kari said...

beautiful -- brava!!

anon said...


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