Monday, March 31, 2008

speaking of peanuts

One sunny day last fall I was in the playground with my 3-year-old son. Ezra, as usual, was wearing his hot pink sandals. A boy, slightly older, came over with a curious look.

“Why is he wearing pink sandals?” the boy asked.

“Well,” I said, “pink is his favorite color.”

“But pink is for girls,” the boy replied.

“If he’s a boy and he likes pink, pink must be for boys and girls,” I said.

The boy hesitated and leaned in closer. Quietly, he said “Pink is my favorite color, too.” And off he went.

—Corinne Schiff in today's New York Times Metropolitan Diary


Derek said...

i have to admit that, when it comes to gardening, i love (hot) pink too- it nicely complements my white flowering plants.

so yeah! embrace the pink!

suttonhoo said...

I'm with ya, derek. :)

my dad tells a great story about falling in love with a pair of green glasses when he was a kid. his mom, my grama, let him get them because he loved them so much and when he strutted around to show them off to his friends they razzed him mercilessly -- because they were cat's eye frames. girl's glasses.

he conveniently lost them in the woods on the way home from school one afternoon shortly after that.

but you can still hear his heart breaking when he tells that story.

em said...

... and probably, a boy playing in the woods found them; wore them, and proudly called his friend saying 'look what I found in the woods!', and as his friend mocked him for his girls glasses, he threw them in the next trash-can where they remained only a while until a boy found them and...

anniemcq said...

Joe-Henry LOVED pink. He had pink striped rainboots, pink converse... But now alas, pink is a girl's color. (she said, wiping her tears). But that may change, because his macho friend next door, who is going to be ten, told me the other day that pink was his favorite color.

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