Saturday, March 22, 2008

just about everything in heaven is covered with glitter

A seasonal greeting card from my sister

(It's a little bit easier to read large)

An Easter card from my sister, which alludes to the premature demise of our childhood pet parakeets, Bobo & Polly, received as Easter presents, who then suffered sorely from our elementary school age neglect. (We kept them alive for a little while, but they definitely failed to reach their full potential.)

Deb's real good about reminding me of my failings, in that tongue-in-cheek barbed kind of sisterly way.

Which means I'll be feeling all guilt-ridden and remorseful this holiday weekend.

Hope yours is happier than mine.


Happy Easter, All! Happy Spring.


anniemcq said...

How is it that I've never met your sister?

This is the most hysterical card I've read, since, well, the last card she sent you!

I'm going to be extra good now that I know about all the glitter in heaven.

I, Rodius said...

Fascinating, the way things come together. I just mentioned to Big Brother how every time we leave his house, Thumper has at least one piece of glitter stuck to his person. He pointed out that Freckles believes that all things are improved with a little glitter. Her house must be heaven!

suttonhoo said...

rodius: cool. synchronicity. ;)

anniemcq: and this is just every day deb funny. when you see her *really* bust a move I *promise* you will pee your pants. (I have data to support this hypothesis.)

but that reminds me: we need to do our 3-way johnny whitaker conference call! let's set something up for after easter -- I'll drop you a line. :)

Derek said...

your sister made my week!

ever since you posted this on flickr, my thoughts drift back to this card at the most inappropriate (but welcome) times. you know. boring meetings, never ending plane rides. waiters who blather on and on.

thanks again for sharing. and yeah, we totally want to hear about this johnny whitaker thingy too!

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