Friday, July 07, 2006

chicken vesuvio tonight!

The first full weekend of every month is Chicken Vesuvio night at Clara's, an unbelievable great Italian joint in Lisle, midway (for me) between work and home.

Be forewarned: it's the first FULL weekend -- that means if Friday night lands on the 31st, Nothing Doing. You'll have to WAIT for your Chicken Vesuvio until the following weekend.

The gal at the to-go counter has more than once treated me with uncharitable exasperation when I've called up on a Friday the 31st asking for my sweetie's portion. NEXT weekend, she says. (Me? I usually get the eggplant. Not big on chicken in general. But I do like the red Vesuvio peppers that he leaves behind.)

Never heard of Chicken Vesuvio? Well then, perhaps you haven't spent enough time in Chicago... read all about it here:

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