Wednesday, July 12, 2006

time to eat

I love Gaper’s Block for a lot of reasons –- their format is genius, and the daily weather report is every thing I need to get out the door in the morning (yesterday: Umbrella. One Layer. today: Muggy & Murky.).

Their RSS Merge feed feeds me sweet little nuggets of local info in readily digestible morsels. They just served up this little piece about a Mickey-D's billboard that went up in Wrigleyville. Say what you will about McDonald's -- it's a pretty friggin' cool billboard (the round of applause goes to Leo Burnett for the concept):

To turn the sundial concept into reality, Leo Burnett hired Christian Huff, a Chicago-based electrical engineer and technical advisor to Studio One East, a Chicago graphic design business that does work for Leo Burnett.

Mr. Huff says he evaluated several available billboards before settling on the one west of Wrigley Field, where the sun hits at just the right angle to tell time between 6 a.m. and noon.

He then designed an aluminum set of McDonald’s arches measuring four feet by three-and-a-half feet to serve as the “dial” mounted above the billboard. “The underlying concept is simple, but the application is messy,” Mr. Huff says, explaining that he had to tweak the positioning of the arches so it would cast an undistorted shadow on the billboard at noon, when the arches fall on a sandwich, signaling lunchtime.

From «McD’s launches next strike in breakfast war – in Wrigleyville» in Crain's ChicagoBusiness


Anali said...

Wow, McDonald's is really trying to change their image. I'm impressed. I like the concept.

patrick said...

yup, got to give them props for that one....still won't eat there though ;-)

opiliones said...

now that's clever

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