Thursday, July 20, 2006

the wild parakeets of hyde park

What you would see -- if I had actually hit the “record video” slider on my little PowerShot the way I thought I had -- what you’d be looking at here is lousy video of wild parakeets.

But instead what you get is a fraction of the first frame in which a goof stood, holding a camera over her head (a camera that was recording NOTHING) while she watched three wild parakeets moving through the tree, rustling the leaves and fluttering from branch to branch – there appeared to be two nests in there too. You’d also hear some stupid chatter – laughter, oohing, ahhing, “there he is!” sorts of things, so maybe it’s a good thing that I blew it with the video.

The video-of-wild-parakeets-that-wasn't was (not) recorded in Chicago’s Hyde Park -- where the parakeets live year round.

Have you ever spent a winter in Chicago? It’s no Telegraph Hill. These are birds with some serious character.


heather lorin said...

lol - have you figured that thing out yet?

suttonhoo said...

the little pocket shooter? the irony is I have *hours* of video I never intended to shoot -- and then when I *wanted* some video -- arrrgggh. (stupid slider bar.)

suttonhoo said...

p.s. look to the far left in this sucky photo -- I'm pretty sure that's one of them.

Lolabola said...

I´m soooo happy to see that other people do these things! Just don´t try to erase the sucky video and end up erasing your entire my photos and videos recovered by the way for the small fee of 70 euros ouch! but so very worth it.

suttonhoo said...

HOORAY! that's so cool -- I'm so glad you were able to recover them -- hope to see some posted -- would love to see if the pictures match the beautiful images you've been conjuring up in your posts. can't wait.

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