Monday, July 17, 2006

hang it up

I have an unnatural fear of clothes hangers in a state of repose (goes back to an unhappy incident when I was a kid and hooked my foot on a hanger that was lying on the floor when I was pulling off a pair of jeans -- I pulled the hook end of the hanger up my leg and cut a deep and narrow and painful gash).

But I thought these were strangely beautiful.

Shot at the Oriental Institute -- a brilliant little museum on the University of Chicago campus. They call themselves the "best kept secret in Chicago". I suspect if they would just change their name (it's so pre-Said) they would get more traffic.

But then you'd lose all that great history...


paul said...

was said responsible for changing the broader usage of that term? i guess i didn't give him enough credit. i've always been a little peeved at that museum for this reason, however, and at my dad, who occasionally uses the term, and at my grocer, which has an oriental aisle.

suttonhoo said...

I'm pretty sure Said was the guy who shifted the orientation of the term with his book Orientalism -- by pointing out how we in the West objectify and make exotic "the Orient" -- makes us feel better about ourselves after we colonize whole countries, I guess.

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