Wednesday, July 05, 2006

on vinyl

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I hope that with one or perhaps two more generations of sampling rates we will eventually get back to fucking vinyl! And it absolutely matters. Scientists have explained it to me in terms of digital frequencies being stairsteps and vinyl being more rounded. That's as good as any way to say it's not just the notes but the stuff in between them that counts.

There's resonance and harmonics and all kinds of things that you don't hear but you do feel. They make it warmer and smoother and it communicates more effectively. They used to use music to communicate to autistic children but now it'll never work. I was in London when it was the 20th anniversary of Sgt Pepper and they had a listening session at Abbey Road. I went along and they played the original master tapes. I swear to you I was physically stoned for two days.

The impact of hearing the raw master tapes had enormous impact on you, mentally, physically, emotionally. The difference between that and a fucking cd or download is you're only hearing 20% of what was recorded. That's why things are so disposable now. That's why nobody's really into it in the same way. That and the loss of the 12-inch cover.

Steve Van Zandt in The Word Magazine

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