Wednesday, July 19, 2006

flickr is not a truck.

I’m not going to write about how Flickr was down tonight. Because everybody else did. (That's just an excerpt below -- here's a better sample.)

Daily traffic rank trend graph courtesy of »


patrick said...

hah! I was going to write about the same thing last night! i'm ashamed of the junkie-esque behaviors I exhibited last night during the outage. at least I had Project Runway to distract me for an hour!

suttonhoo said...

was it only an HOUR?!?!? it seemed much longer than that...

lol -- yep -- I tried to stay reasonable -- but I got to wondering about all the people I would never be in touch with again -- would never even recognize in the street -- if flickr never came back online. what a strange social construction -- I can't think of anything in history quite like it. except maybe penpals. ;)

(just noticed that the "better sample" link was pulling up the wrong image -- it's fixed now.)

patrick said...

Project Runway was only an hour...the outtage was more like 5? Flickr is indeed a strange social construct, and it has soul... that's why I like it.

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