Wednesday, November 08, 2006

ancient americas at the field

Super secret behind the scenes tour of the new Ancient Americas Hall at the Field Museum in Chicago tonight (with about, oh, 100 other members of the Anthropology Alliance), which is presently undergoing installation.

The exhibit is 10 years & $18M in the making and promises to be quite cool, with coverage of most of the ancient populations of the Americas-- North, South and Central.

(But sorry -- no Amazon. Seems the Field folks didn't spend a lot of time in that region picking up pots and things.)

In addition to telling yesterday's story and today's, they'll be covering that awkward breach in the middle where European settlers did what they could to obliterate indigenous populations.

Such sizable continents. You think we could have done a better job of sharing.

p.s. buffet gets full points for the butternut squash tamales and the tres leches cupcakes.

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