Tuesday, November 21, 2006

look at it this way

Hey: look at it this way. This may not be the truth, but it's the way it appears to me.

Film director Robert Altman on making art -- heard just now on Terry Gross's Fresh Air, in a rebroadcast of a 1990 interview. Mr. Altman passed away last night.


MGL said...

That's terrible! Feel my dolor. I just saw Gosford Park again a couple of weeks ago. It's one of those movies you should see a second and third time just to pick up all the nice little details.

suttonhoo said...

I feel your dolor. Altman's Player came out around the time I was living in LA -- he captured that whole scene so well. I actually saw them filming the "Bicycle Thief" scene one night at the Rialto Theatre, down the street from my place in South Pasadena, although I didn't know what was filming until I saw the movie.

The same night we saw the movie we of course had to drive to the back of the theatre (on the way home) where the murder scene took place -- and found where the handrail had been cut and then bolted back together again.

Nashville's on my list, along with McCabe & Mrs Miller -- and then maybe the rest of them. ;)

Mikkel said...

This is funny: I have been thinking the words: "Rialto Teateret, Rialto Teateret" all day. Weeeeird.

suttonhoo said...

that's creeping into spooky demonic mind reading territory -- I'd be concerned that b1 would show up and read us the riot act, if I wasn't almost convinced that the rats have already finished him off.

do you have a Rialto Teateret in your neighborhood? have you ever *been* to a theater called the Rialto?

Mikkel said...

Never. I think there was one in Copenhagen many years ago, though, before my time. I don't even know the etymology of the name, and I'm almost never telepathic.

MGL said...

There's a Rialto teater in Fredriksberg, according to Google. But the original Rialto is a district in Venice. It's a market district, and is mostly famous for having named the oldest bridge in Venice, the beautiful Ponte Rialto, which the market spills onto, if I remember correctly. It's one of the most famous ones, too, alongside the Bridge of Sighs.

Mikkel: have you gone off your ESP-supressing drugs?

Mikkel said...

OK, I'm sometimes telekinetic, but that's something entirely different.

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