Sunday, November 05, 2006

grey garden

For over a year I've periodically passed an abandoned home with a semi-attached shop and greenhouse along Dempster Avenue in Chicago. For over a year I've wanted to photograph it. Finally, this weekend, I did.

The property is aggressively posted with "Private Property" signs, so I was careful to shoot from the sidewalk, through the glass of the shuttered shop.

Behind the glass at least a year's worth of weeds had bloomed and died, without a breeze ever stirring the leaves and debris they left behind.

Here's the slideshow of what I found there »


heather lorin said...

love the slideshow. What lens were you using?

MGL said...

great pictures!

suttonhoo said...

thanks, guys. :D heather I was shooting long with a macro lens, which always makes for some interesting bokeh -- a Sigma 105mm.

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