Sunday, November 05, 2006

gettin' wiki- with it

Among the closest and dirtiest contests this year in the U.S. Senate race in New Jersey, between the Democratic incumbent, Bob Menendez, and Tom Kean, Jr., the son of the former governor. In the midst of much ugliness, supporters of each candidate have been waging a Wikipedia war. The candidates’ entries have been in constant flux.

If a curious voter had looked up Menendez last Wednesday, he would have come across the observation “He funny looking.” Last Friday morning, there was nothing on the Menendez page at all but, for a few minutes, the word “fetus”. As for Kean, users have had to undo Bart Simponesque reports that the challenger “resides in Flat Butt, Nebraska, with his husband, Joe.”

From « Dirty Wikitricks» by Nick Paumgarten in the 6 November issue of the New Yorker.

Is it Tuesday yet?

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