Thursday, November 30, 2006

presidential trivia

presidential trivia
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President John Quincy Adams was a chess fan -- that's why pawns decorate the pediments of the Quincy L stop on Adams in Chicago's downtown Loop.

(At least that's what someone told me.)


Mikkel said...

A chess fan you say? Interesting...

Anali said...

Very interesting. I don't think there is anything like that at the Quincy Adams T station in Quincy.

Here is a photo.

One annoying thing about this station is that you have to pay to get OUT of the station even though you have already paid to get onto the train.

suttonhoo said...

cool photo, Anali.

(Mikkel: are you still pissed about that other post?)

Mikkel said...

WHAT? Did we just have our first fight and I MISSED it?? You sure move fast.

I just find it funny that you describe him as a chess fan. Not a chess player, but a fan.

"He goes to all the chess games. Roots for the black team."

Is that not funny? I think it's funny.

Mikkel said...

Maybe I'm wrong.

Mikkel said...

Goddammit woman, now you've got me questioning my own jokes. Stop playing your crazy mind games!!

suttonhoo said...

your humor, Mikkel, if not flawless, is very nearly always so. I suspect I might find it flawless if I spoke all the same languages that you do -- as it is, I generally don't get the jokes with the oomlots.

I was just feeling guilty for saying mean things about boys.

Mikkel said...

It's all good, as they say.

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