Wednesday, November 08, 2006

choice words

Your future is what you will choose today.

From the letter that Malachi Ritscher left behind after he died yesterday on Chicago's Kennedy Expressway.

Mr. Ritscher died from self-immolation -- he set himself on fire to protest America's war in Iraq.


Mikkel said...

I am troubled by his statement that "Everyone who pays taxes has blood on their hands."

suttonhoo said...

yeah -- there was a lot about Mr. Ritscher's letter that wasn't entirely coherent -- to be expected, if one's upset enough to commit ritual suicide for a cause.

I was chiefly impacted by the force of his feeling -- the fact that he went through with it -- and the part that I didn't comment on -- that his actions made it to the news as a suicide and traffic anomaly -- but not as an anti-war protest. (the indie press reported on that part.)

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