Friday, June 29, 2007

fly girl

fly girl
fly girl
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I've had my eye on this old aircraft hanger at Detroit International since I first passed through the Motor City. Finally pulled over this afternoon to grab a quick cameraphone shot on my way out of town.

Appears to be mostly abandoned with some minimal activity -- a lot of funky, older, rusty cars parked around in a random fashion.

Required dodging through the wide open gate in the barbed wire fence to get into the lot.

No lock, no problem, right?

Maybe not.

As I was heading back to my rental car an official looking guy in a official looking vehicle intercepted me and asked, in an official sounding voice, "Can I help you?"

"I was just shooting the letters," I said, gesturing to the sign.

"For.....?" he asked skeptically, seemingly unconvinced that this was an innocent activity.

"For me," I said, flashing him what I hope is a sweet grin and thinking "turn on the magic, girl -- this guy has a TSA badge and the power to detain." (I'm running on three and a half hours of sleep -- I'm in no mood to be detained. And I'm in no mood to give up my pics.)

"For you?" Incredulous.

"I collect letters."

"You *collect* *letters*." He leans on the language, but now he's smiling.

I nod, thinking, "magic, baby. turn. up. the volume."

We talk about this for a little while until he cracks a grin wide, wondering, I'm sure, why anyone would collect letters, and says, finally: "All right, then."

And then low and sweet, as he removes his vehicle from my path, "You have a good day."

And I walk away thinking: It's good to be a girl.

(Not too happy with this shot, though -- gonna mess with it a bit when I get home.)

Posting by cameraphone from Detroit Int'l.
Nearly home.

([update] Little levels work. Much better.)


narthex said...

hehe, funny story dayna.

i was out shooting with a friend in san francisco and we were at the train station. i was shooting inside and a security person came up to me.



what are you shooting for?

for me, just for me.

well you know some people may not want you to shoot them.

so? we are in one of the biggest tourist cities in the world and you are going to tell me i maybe shouldn't or can't shoot in here? are you delusional or paranoid?

she gave me a look that said, 'he doesn't accept my authority'

and i continued shooting...

i'm usually not so confrontational but that incident just took the cake and i decided i wanted my cake and was going to eat it too. ;p

anniemcq said...

You've still got it, Pretty Girl.

And I imagine you will always have it, no matter how much time goes by!

Anonymous said...

I remember I had a teacher that went to China in elementery school. She took a bunch of pictures, one of them showed a soldier approaching her with her hand raised. The teacher explained that they didn't let people take pictures in some public places. The whole class laghed because this seemed rediculously paranoid and restrictive. It was the definitive moment in the presentation when I thought, "Those guys aren't free at all".
Fast forward 30 years.


I, Rodius said...

You know you're on a government watch list now. You know that, right?

We'll hire some Jason Bourne-y type guy to make inquiries if you stop posting for too long because they've flown you to Syria for questioning.

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