Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Took this shot just last month at Camp Richardson on the South Shore of Lake Tahoe -- which, I've just learned from InciWeb, has been evacuated because of the fire that has consumed 3,100 acres of the surrounding area, and is still raging at full speed. (Note the dry tinder pine needles that are everywhere in this shot -- and everywhere around Lake Tahoe, where the fire hazard was at "very high" or "extreme" while we were there.)

I didn't know it when I booked it, but my mother and her family spent two weeks every summer at Camp Richardson when she was a kid. This last month we got ourselves a small cabin called "Willy's Knight" (I really don't know why it was called Willy's Knight -- strange name for a cabin) that was just a stone's throw from the water, with a sweet little porch that was perfect for sipping coffee (while wearing a kick ass cowgirl hat) and watching the sun rise over the lake.

I don't know if it'll be there in the morning.

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