Monday, June 11, 2007


It's wanting to know that makes us matter.

The line that stuck in my head after seeing Tom Stoppard's Arcadia yesterday at The Court Theatre.

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narthex said...

it seems that the theme of wanting or longing has been floating around quite a lot in my mind and in the minds of people around me.

i was sitting in a cafe with a friend while he was searching for a quote to put on a card and i came across something i'd written in my journal that i had not given a second thought to until i was flipping pages and saw it again.

it is here

suttonhoo said...

lovely, son -- thank you.

mrtn said...

I am so incredibly envious. I've had "Arcadia" on my must-see list ever since I read it. Was it good?

suttonhoo said...

so good.

playing one more weekend at the court -- but that's a little bit of a hike from norge. ;)

thinking about getting around to blogging about it for real. stoppard has a way of kicking around the brain for days...

mrtn said...

If you haven't read or seen Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are dead, I heartily recommend it. It's the best thing he's written, apart from Arcadia. There's an excellent film directed by Stoppard himself starring Gary Oldman, Tim Roth and Richard Dreyfus.

I'm reading the Coast of Utopia trilogy right now, as a matter of fact. Very Russian, very thought-provoking. Kinda confusing.

mrtn said...

You know what's weird? Googling something you want to check up on - like: has Stoppard ever been played in Norway? So you* Google Stoppard Norge, and you get a blog post written by a friend - one you have commented on, no less, and in which the word Norge appears because of you - as one of the very first hits.

* And by "you" I mean, "me"

suttonhoo said...

so. circular.

(and cool.)

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