Wednesday, June 13, 2007

yes, it was a good trip

a found poem

Yes, it was a good trip
I have to say
we travel well together

Had a couple of mishaps
got stung by a huge wasp
the same day I fell on my backside

The food in general was delicious
and at times I looked
a bit too deep into the pan
and my stomach had his say

Some cities were nice
and some were butt ugly
but the people in general very friendly

The countryside was beautiful
lots of land
and you wonder why
there are so many poor people
without food etc.

Well, easy to answer,
the land belongs to a few
and they don't care to share

A fragment from an email received from my dear friend Luzia who just returned from Brasil where she traveled with her husband, Jovino, around the country (his home country) recording the indigenous music of small towns and villages.

As more information becomes available about the project I’ll post links here.

1 comment:

Lolabola said...

Oh my god! I covet their life!

great pic btw

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