Wednesday, June 27, 2007

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Well that's kinda nice: one of my pics made the Gaper's Block home page today, the one from the Wabash YMCA in Bronzeville, which kinda sorta makes up for the fact that I'm stuck in Midtown Manhattan without any hope of getting home for the next two days.

Kinda. Almost.

Had the foresight to pack a toothbrush on what was supposed to be only a quick day-trip -- but my brilliance didn't extend to bringing a hairbrush. Or an umbrella. Doggoneit.

Lucky for me the Gap just happened to be running a sale on T-shirts and underwear. And this is Manhattan, after all, so I can have a hairbrush if I want it. But I think I'll go the chopstick route (long-haired traveler's tip: always pack a chopstick. for when you don't pack your hairbrush.)

[Update] After forty-five minutes on hold I landed a return flight tomorrow night, which may just let me squeak in in time to use my ticket to see Bela Fleck after all. Not so bad. Excepting that there's the flight I need to catch to Ann Arbor first thing Friday morning. Early.

Week's turning into a bruiser.


anniemcq said...

Oh, honey. I only wish I was there in Manhattan with ya! We could do some damage there, girl.

Have fun at Bela Fleck (BIG fan). And hang in there.

mrtn said...

I like the constantly mutating design thing you've got going on. I really ought to do the same.

narthex said...

gosh dayna, you might as keep a towel and a pack of peanuts in your briefcase and a copy of the hitchiker's guide handy just in case. you never know if you might have to hitch a ride with a bunch of poetry reading vogons! :D

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