Thursday, June 21, 2007

showing up, part 2

You’re an American. It’s not always easy.

What Walter Schretzman says to those who try shirk jury duty through any one of a collection of excuses like dying relatives or lost income. As reported in The Villager.

Walter Schretzman is the silver-haired leader whom John Hodgman captured so beautifully in his recent jury duty postings on his blog, good evening »

showing up, part 1 »


I, Rodius said...

A few years ago, I made an unwise decision. I tried to get out of jury duty. The defense attorney rubbed me the wrong way, as defense attorneys are wont to do. I could have set aside my personal distaste and remained objective, but I thought, hey, maybe I can get out of jury duty.

When they asked if anyone knew of any reason why they couldn't be objective, I said there was something about that defense attorney that I just didn't like. Next thing I knew, I was standing alone in front of the bench, the judge and all the attorneys gathered 'round and staring hard at me while the judge told me to explain what exactly I didn't like about the guy, and why exactly it was that it prevented me from being objective.

The defense attorney found the whole thing sort of amusing, but it was a top-five most uncomfortable moment of my life. I've since made it a major goal in my life to never again have to explain anything face to face with a judge.

suttonhoo said...

love it, i, r. -- thanks for teaching by example. ;)

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