Tuesday, June 19, 2007

a very good day

Some time back I posted on Trudy Blom, who photographed the Lacandon of Chiapas, and who was the life force behind La Casa Na Bolom in San Cristobal de las Casas. Several nice things happened as the result of that post:

The playwright, Alex Finlayson, stopped by to mention her play about Trudy, which relies on Ms. Blom’s photographs, and for which she needed to secure permission to use in order to stage her play.

Then Maria Luisa Armendariz, Chair of the Board at Na Bolom, paid detritus a visit and left a lovely comment:

Dear Sutton:

I have to say I’ve seen must of the pictures taken in Na Bolom. I am becoming old because I knew Trudy very well and I loved her very much. That’s why, I believe, I take her place now when I am the president of the Association she created to take care of the house and the projects she held in the Rain Forest of Chiapas.

I saw your pictures and I entered in this blog just to say Thank You. For creating, for finding what is not easily seen, for creating and capturing a moment of light... you made an incredible job.

It is fantastic, thank you.

We are here, I guess our children will come after us, and we just hope we find the strength to maintain this beauty.

Maria Luisa

And then yesterday I received an email from Ms. Finlayson, letting me know that the post had acted as a bridge to connect her with Ms. Armendariz, and that, as a result, the board of Na Bolom has granted her permission to use Trudy’s photography for her stage production.

All of which makes for a very good day.

[update] I've learned from Alex that Ms. Blom spelled her name "Trudi" -- I expect at some point I'll scrub these entries and make the correction -- in the meantime I'll just apologize for the typo. :)

p.s. Slideshow courtesy of Alex who has posted some of Trudy’s photographs on Flickr – so you can see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

and an update: I've been spelling Ms. Blom's name all wrong -- Alex tells me she spelled it "Trudi."


La Vida Mas Vida said...

This is a beautiful tribute to Trudi Blom's work and to the quiet, communicative, artful power of blog. If you're a theatre person, join right in. TRUDI is a [mostly] one-woman show with photographic projections. Read more about the playwright here: http://www.doollee.com/PlaywrightsF/finlayson-alex.html

Lasse said...

Congrats to you! what great connection you made. I remember the photos, I haven't seen them since I was there myself. There so great!

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